AFL – Fujikura Fusion Splicers, Noyes Optical Test Equipment, Optical Fiber & Cable, Optical & Copper Apparatus.  Fiber Distribution Cabinets, WDM Devices for all Applications.  Expert Training through The Light Brigade (an AFL Company)

MEGGER – Electrical Test Tools for Telecom:  Testers for Insulation Resistance, Battery Impedance, Grounding & Bonding, AC Leakage.  TDRs & More.  Complete Testing & Analysis Tools for inside wiring.

 SIFOS – Industry leader in the growing Power over Ethernet testing market.  Used in all areas of Product Design, Development, Evaluation and Manufacturing.  Sifos also produces a series of Ethernet PHY testing solutions for Fully Automated Multi-Port PHY Qualification that simplifies the process and provides clear, comprehensive results.

DURA-LINE – Industry Leader for all of your Conduit needs using Micro-TechnologyMicro-Ducts and Future-Path allow for controlled growth of your Network Infrastructure.  Serving the Enterprise Market in Louisiana.

AUKUA SYSTEMS – An Austin, TX based provider of Packet Capture tools, Analyzers, Traffic Generators and Impairment (WAN) Emulators.  All of Aukua’s  solutions are hardware based, high precision providing wire-speed performance.  Since 2015, Equipment Manufacturers, Large Enterprises, Service Providers, and Government Agencies, worldwide, have depended on Aukua to build stronger networks.

EVENROUTE – Manufacturer of the IQrouter.  IQrouter is a sophisticated suite of cloud services and customer router firmware that ensures optimum Internet Quality at all times.