AFL – Fujikura Fusion Splicers, Noyes Optical Test Equipment, Optical Fiber & Cable, Optical & Copper Apparatus.  Fiber Distribution Cabinets, WDM Devices for all Applications.  Expert Training through The Light Brigade (an AFL Company)

MEGGER – Electrical Test Tools for Telecom:  Testers for Insulation Resistance, Battery Impedance, Grounding & Bonding, AC Leakage.  TDRs & More.  Complete Testing & Analysis Tools for inside wiring.

 SIFOS – Industry leader in the growing Power over Ethernet testing market.  Used in all areas of Product Design, Development, Evaluation and Manufacturing.  Sifos also produces a series of Ethernet PHY testing solutions for Fully Automated Multi-Port PHY Qualification that simplifies the process and provides clear, comprehensive results.

DURA-LINE – Industry Leader for all of your Conduit needs using Micro-TechnologyMicro-Ducts and Future-Path allow for controlled growth of your Network Infrastructure.  Serving the Enterprise Market in Louisiana.

GIGANET SYSTEMS – How will your Applications and Systems perform over a ‘Real World’ Network?  GigaNet System’s Network Emulation Appliances provide precision, performance and predictability in your test infrastructure resulting in Optimized System Performance and robust system behavior under real world network conditions.

CUBRO – The Cubro Packetmaster Series are Network Appliances that connect Monitoring Tools to any traffic on the Network, helping Enterprise Data Centers save money on tools, improving network visibility and minimize troubleshooting time.